Today is the last day of 2019. Today, I washed windows in my house.

On the day before yesterday, I’ve enter the studio with my friends and played bass guitar. We played songs of Seikima-II and X-Japan who were Japanese Metal Band. We like to play the song named “Jigokuno-koutaishi” (in Engligh “The Prince of Jigoku(Hell)")

As you can see, they paint their faice, so they looks like KISS. But their sound have more heaviness like Metal. Daemon-Kogure who are the vocal of the band has been known as very skilled vocal. Additionally, he are famous as commentator about Sumo.

Back to our topic, we play in only the studio and will not play in public, because we all are shy. But we enjoy to play music together(, and talk and drink after playing.) We will play again in three days later. I’m looking forward to playing with friends.

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